• Moving Through Transition?

    The Transition Preparation Assessment is a fully automated online tool developed to assist family-owned or privately-held businesses who are engaging in a transition.

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  • Minimize Risk

    70% of business transitions fail. Why? A majority fail due to a lack of communication/Trust at the ownership level or a lack of next generation competency.

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  • Clarify Expectations

    Starting the conversation around transition early can minimize conflict by aligning ownerships' needs, goals, and expectations around the business and family.

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  • Enhance Relationships

    One of the biggest reasons ownership groups lose trust or have conflict is because roles and responsibilities haven't been clearly outlined or discussed.

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  • Easy Sign-Up

    We take the “work” out of the process. Signing-up to use the TPA is a simple and straight forward process, with no hidden licensing fees or additional add-ons. What you see is what you get, and that is a solid report to provide an additional support tool for you to use with your clients.

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Take a Tour of the TPA Features

See all the features of this fully automated online assessment that will assist family businesses as they navigate through a successful business transition.Trusted advisors can be confident working with the TPA:

  • Latest conceptual models on family business transition.
  • Customized reporting based on 48 questions and multiple question types.
  • Secure technology to enable the delivery of meaningful information.

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